J.D. Merryweather

JD Merryweather, predominantly an architectural photographer, has been shooting for over 35 years. Today, his focus has shifted to photography that is inspired by his passion for travel. When visiting a location, his eye is still drawn to architectural forms, but he also incorporates the identity of place in the images he produces. Whether a grain silo on the north Texas plains, an abandoned housing project on the coast of Mexico, or a rainy street in Portugal – he captures the specific spirit of a location in his work.

Merryweather uses a variety of photographic mediums, including medium format films (the point and shoot Diana is a forever favorite), digital SLRs, and an ever increasing love of the compactness and abilities of the iPhone. He lives in Oklahoma City and spends as much time as possible moving around the planet to capture his view of far-off places.

Daniel Acuna

Daniel Acuna is an Oklahoma City painter who is inspired by French Impressionism and Fauvism. Daniel emphasizes color usage with short, broken brushstrokes to create intimate and inspirational portraits of people he has met in Oklahoma City. The colors and environments of each work are given special consideration and relate personally to the individuals in the portraits.

Rae Stone

Rae Stone is a painter and educator living in Oklahoma City. She earned her BFA in Studio Art from the University of Oklahoma in 2016. Her work has been shown in multiple exhibitions spanning from her college years until now, including the 102nd Student Show at the Fred Jones, Jr. Museum of Art and most recently a solo shows at Revel 8 in Downtown Oklahoma City and The Social Club in Norman, OK. Rae has worked as an art educator on the South Side of OKC for three years while growing her abstract language in large scale mixed media paintings. Her work combines organic flowing shapes with hard lines to layer deep peaceful movement across the canvas.

Matt Goad

Oklahoma artist Matt Goad began his art career while working as a graphic designer and illustrator in the mid 90s. Woodblock printing and it’s hard edged graphic aesthetic helped inform Goad’s modern style which he would take into the realm of paintings in the mid 2000s. Passionate about color and composition his modern linear approach utilizes interlocking identifiable symbols and shapes in a compositional flow that pulls the viewer through a narrative. Whimsical, geometric, simple and complex, Goad’s work is easily accessible to the public and enjoyed by many, young and old, and across cultural identities.

Katelynn Noel Knick

Katelynn Noel Knick is an abstract artist creating whimsical paintings and immersive spaces that highlight bold color combinations, movement, and playful mark-making. She has exhibited at Myriad Botanical Gardens, AHHA Tulsa, MAINSITE Contemporary Art, and the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art. Her work has been featured in the Oklahoma Gazette, The Coastal Post, Inspiring Conversations OKC Podcast and most recently on the cover of Art Focus magazine. She co-founded the emerging artist collective, @artgrpokc, and is a part of the @factoryobscura Artist Team working collaboratively to make immersive art in OKC."