Gold and Wood, Windsor, Diamonds, Black Gold Plated and Horn


In 1995 Maurice Léonard, our founder and muse, created Gold & Wood and set up his handcrafted factory in a small magical city called Hosingen, located in Luxembourg.
The first mission of Gold & Wood is to provide pleasure and dreams surrounding Luxury and high end eyewear, and Jewelry.
The Gold & Wood Master Craftsmen cultivate the perfection of this concept utilizing the strictest rules of luxury craftsmanship. They excel at crafting objects of exception, designed with the rarest of noble materials.
Gold & Wood models objects of desire, always imbued with a singular know-how.

Our values are based on emotion and not on needs.
Authenticity, pride, timelessness, singularity and craftsmanship, fully define Gold & Wood. The love of the product, the respect of the creation, the authenticity, the sense of the detail maintaining the quality, always oriented our choices.
We cultivate our excellence by focusing on creativity and innovation, differentiating from our competitors.
The customer is at the heart of our development strategy, we want to offer a unique sensory experience.

At Gold & Wood, everything starts with a drawing …
Then comes the careful selection of wood species, according to their nobility, their rarity and the emotion they inspire.
The different wood veneers are then shaped and delicately plated on thin aluminum strips.
At the heart of the workshop, a true laboratory of creation and innovation, safe and precise gestures made exclusively by hand, perpetuate a know-how that our Master Craftsmen have passed on for decades.
From the sketch to the frame, dozens of technical steps will follow each other to give life to each Eyepiece.
Time is a key ingredient in the equation of the Manufacture, a creation that can mobilize our craftsmen for more than 6 months.

Gold & Wood, a reference in terms of innovation and craftsmanship, which preserves its identity and DNA while constantly reinventing itself.


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Black Gold, Buffalo Horn, Diamonds ( approx .7CT)




Black Gold, Natural Horn

The Gold and Wood Windsor is a special frame indeed! This Gold and Wood Windsor is handmade with 42 brilliant cut diamonds ( approx .7 CT) is black gold plated and as natural buffalo horn temples. The rimless, 3 piece design features small diamonds accenting the center bridge piece as well as the temple hinge area. The temples are hand carved and shaped buffalo horn.

Gold & Wood is the original luxury eyewear manufacturer. Led by the vision of charismatic founder Maurice Leonard, the company is known for its exceptional hand-crafted designs and classic aura of affluence. The use of fine woods and buffalo horn has created a majestic experience and sense of timelessness. The company has always set itself apart from the competition by delicately bringing to life hand-crafted frames with the use of noble materials and the patience to take the time and do things right. Gold & Wood is now setting itself apart again by reclaiming the category of true super luxury, as the pioneer and sole provider of “Eyepieces.” ALL Gold & Wood Sunglasses are fitted with High Quality Anti-Glare Zeiss Lenses.


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