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PORTRAIT eyewear founders and sister/brother duo Valentina and Gabriel Hernandez had a dream: to create a brand focused on bringing design-savvy users, and vintage, sustainably produced, affordable eyewear together. Not only would the brand follow fair-trade practices and rescue the quickly-disappearing handcraft trade, but it would be a means for emerging artists to network, take-on life with confidence, and highlight their own individuality.

A few years ago, that dream came true, and PORTRAIT has been pumping out bold designs ever since. Various shapes recall vintage outlines featuring a slightly toned-down, minimalist aesthetic: frames are flat, colorful and unique, with sharp edges and an underlying harmony that makes each pair as individualistic as the person wearing them. The products are 100% handmade with passion and precision, reflective of the generations of immaculate Italian craft behind them.



C03, Tortoise

Best For

Him or Her







54 by 15



The Portrait Syd is part of the Art-Fakt series which has been inspired by retro futurism. The vision of a post industrial future that, in different art fields, permeated aesthetics and functionality.

For PORTRAIT this means minimalistic shapes, clean geometries, and flat colors that express function.

The Portrait Syd in inspired by neo-futurism, this industrial mask-like fashion eyewear has been dedicated to visual and conceptual futuristic artist Syd Mead whose designs recall a science fiction rationalism, so architecturally detailed they seem almost reproducible in the real world, other than his well-known sci-fi movies like Tron, Blade Runner and Alien.


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